Saturday, September 22, 2012

National Book Festival


You've discovered the joy of reading, Darling, which makes me incredibly happy! May your love of books never fade.

Last year, you were exactly one week old when you attended your first National Book Festival. This year was a different experience. You're two for two with this festival, Sweetie!

Much to our surprise, you writhed with excitement when you spotted the furry PBS characters. We recognized a few characters from your books, but we didn't know most of them because we don't watch TV. But you were so excited, we had to stand in line to meet as many characters as we could.

However, once you got close to the furry friends, your excitement turned to fear.

You did okay with Clifford.

But not so well with George.

Reading to you every day is fun. Watching your love for books abound is joyous. Looking forward to celebrating the joy of reading daily, as well as each year at the book festival, with you.

Happy reading, Mason!



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